Aloyo Necklace Petrol Blue

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This hand made petrol blue design necklace is made using paper beads and gold coloured glass beads. Length of the necklace is about 53cm / 21 inches when laid flat. Long paper beads (7,50 cm / 3 inches) are hand rolled out slices of recycled paper and coated with water based varnish. Agulu Paper Beads are produced by principles of fair trade, sustainable and ethical fashion at post war area in Northern Uganda, empowering families to rise above poverty and educate their children.

Aloyo is a name of my dear friend in Gulu. Like all names in Acholi tribe, her name also has a meaning. It means "I won". The skillful artisan behind Aloyo Necklaces is my other dear friend, Christine Kabaka.

With Aloyo there will be sunshine for you the whole day, regardless of the weather! 

 Tämä käsintehty petroolinsininen design kaulakoru on tehty lakatuista paperihelmistä (7,50cm pitkiä) ja hopeanvärisistä lasihelmistä. Koru on noin 53cm pitkä ympärysmitaltaan.

Aloyo sai nimensä mun rakkaalta ystävältä Gulussa. Kaikki atsoliheimon nimet merkitsee jotain ja Aloyo tarkoittaa että "(Minä) voitin". Korun tekijä on toinen rakas ystäväni, Christine Kabaka.