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Our Products
We design our jewellery together with skilled artisans in Uganda. Products are carefully crafted by hand from rolled up paper. We use different colors of recycled paper which determines the color of the beads. Paper is cut and then rolled in to beads. Then it is sealed with a water-based varnish to make it durable and water resistant.
We work together with the artisans so we are sure of the origin of the products. Therefore also the artisans are getting the best possible profit for their work. We want to provide beautiful design and high quality handmade products for our customers. As a bonus you are helping these skillful women and their families in Northern Uganda.
Payment methods
You can pay with PayPal, international credit cards or Finnish on-line banking (Checkout).
We offer free shipping for all orders in Finland  (1 week) and Europe (1 to 2 weeks). For other countries we provide free shipping for orders above 75€ (2 to 3 weeks)For orders under 75€, we offer shipping for 6€. We ship the items as international letter mailing.
The time required by potential customs procedures is not included in the estimated delivery speed. We will do our best to make sure that there are no extra delays or charges by providing all the needed information for local customs. More information about U.S customs
Care for Your Jewellery

To care for your paper bead jewelry, simply wipe with a damp cloth, but remember, these little beauties aren’t shower proof!


Each piece is unique handmade product by a real person and tells a story. Therefore you’ll not find exactly similar pieces of jewellery. Additionally we make only a small quantity of every design and hold a high standard for our product quality. In the rare case it doesn’t meet your expectations or it is damaged, we will do our best to make you happy. Just email for assistance.

Damaged necklaces may be returned within 30 days of the original purchase date in exchange for a full refund, a replacement, or store credit. Just email for assistance.

 Agulu reserves the right to restrict or disallow exchanges or refunds for any reason.