Our story

 We ended up in Gulu from a Bible School where we promised to be willing to go anywhere in the world. We were so excited to be sent to Uganda! 

I was living my dream serving as a missionary! For 7 years we taught people how they can improve their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We were not able to continue our work full time, but Gulu had become our home and the people in Gulu had become dear to us. We wanted to stay and continue volunteering in Uganda.

But how would we be able to make a living? We knew that we were not the only ones in Gulu with that question. We had a plan in mind but things turned out much better! We ended up beginning this paper jewellery business that benefits many. It's going to provide a sustainable income for growing a number of Ugandan women. It seems it's going to make our plan to stay in Uganda possible! And you will have beautiful jewellery (or a happy wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother etc.)!